Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big echo in this joint!!!

Went to see The Lion King tonite and it was fab!!! The costumes and the set!!!!!!!!!!! Baby the colors just grab you and the dancing and music, I loved it!!!!!!!!! So glad I got to see it with my Dollface too!!! Did I tell yall that chick is my height???? Yes my little babydoll is going to be taller than me in just a matter of minutes because I swear she grows everyday!!!! Her dad is pretty tall so yeah, she gets it quite naturally.

Today was report card pickup day and my girly made the honor roll!!! Woot Woot!!!

So proud of her!!!!

Missed working out today, boooooooooooo!!! But I won't tomorrow so yay for me!!!

Mom wants Wii fit for Christmas, so guess who will be picking that up prob on Black Fri?

Yep she gets what she wants. Sometimes :)

I need a new cell phone provider. AT&T sucks. Those jokers just went up ten whole dollars on my bill, for what???? I can't call Mars or nothing can I???

That ten dollars could be going in my gas tank hell!!!!!

Gonna put up the Christmas decorations on Saturday, well help her to bring that ish up from downstairs cause tell the troof and shame the devil. I AIN'T DECORATING NOTHING!!!

That ain't my game. I let her have fun and do that crap and she loves it!!!! Be looking all pretty and whatnot lol!!!

I miss him. I always miss him more around the holidays.


Bought the cutest hat today and rocked it right to the Lion King. Yeah I was cute as hell in that hat and WARM too. #HATESBEINGCOLD

I think i might treat myself to an Ipod/touch or some type of thingy for Christmas. I don't know really yet. Music makes your workout go by sooooooooooooo much quicker!!!

Gonna finish paying off some of these medical bills that have bitten me in the ass for the past two years now. Yeah it's been 2 years since I was diagnosed with cancer.

KISS MY ASS cancer. I told you i was gonna kick its butt right?

I did that ish!!!! Like it was trying to steal something!!!

Loves life man!!!

Life is good man!!!!


  1. Glad to see you back! I've been thinking of you even though I am not on facebook anymore-yes AT&T sucks I had to dump them and get real with Metro. Congrats to dollface on making the honoroll, Jake's been doing very well too. A bright child is a big blessing. Stay well!


  2. I have not been blogging, but sick of Facecrack. Moving to blogspot from WP and coming by to say hi and relink me...