Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!

Last year at this time I felt as if I was going to die. I was lying in a bed with a horrific, highly contagious, infection from hell (CDIFF), healing from cancer surgery and thrown in a hellacious pit of menopause from having a hysterectomy. Just sick, sick, sick.

What a difference a year makes!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

On Christmas Eve I went with a few fb friends to an area under Lake Shore Drive where the homeless stay and gave out bags of toiletries and food. It is incredibly sad to see them with all their belongings under the city and in the cold. I wanted to cry but seeing them smile and thank us was heartwarming. The guy that organized this, locked his keys in his car that day. So he busted the window out and cut his hand badly. Fool had the nerve to post the damn pic too. Just yuck. So he couldn't come with us. Just us three women. Over 29 people said they would come and help but you know how that goes. *sigh* I think we passed out about 50 bags in all.

Later , Mom and I went to midnight, well 10:00pm mass at her church. Then we came home and watched the Pope get tackled by some deranged woman, (poor Pope). Watch his security detail increase by a thousand. What is it with folks wanting to harm the pope? I so don't get it man. Folk just straight whacked out there in the world!!!

Got up early the next morning to take 2 pans of dressing over to my church to help feed the homeless and needy for Christmas. It was packed!!!!!!!!! Our pastor said the need was going to be great as our church gave out over 700 turkeys this year and had to turn away soooooooo many. He was distraught over that because I don't think he ever had to turn folks away. The economy has got to get better man!!!

Came home opened gifts with mom and then passed out cookies and cards to the neighbors in the snow and rain!!! Loved it!! LOL!!!! Still have three bags to pass out because two neighbors weren't home and another had their gate locked.

Back at home again I had a quick bite to eat then we left to go to my Dollface's house. She had a house full of folks! She has an extremely big fam and her 6 cousins live right next door to her LOL!!! She gave me the cutest candle holder and votive. I'm a candle fanatic. I light them just about everyday! One of bff's was a part.yli.te consultant years ago and I still have tons of candles plus I buy them from wherever when I smell a scent that is decadent and yummy.

Left from there and went out to my cousins house for dinner, drinks, fun and fellowship. My cousin Mike had been doing good recovering from his third brain cancer surgery but now he's having headaches yet again. *sigh*

Whenever he has these intense headaches we fear the cancer is back because that is what has happened in the past. He's going to the hospital tomorrow because he doesn't feel he can wait any longer for his appointment. Praying constantly for him to be fully healed and well again.

Drove home very cautiously in the snow and ice. We had a terrible ice storm on Christmas day/evening. I cruised home all the way and we were snug in our home at about ten-ish that night.

The next day I went to my friend's new house and laughed and talked. It's coming along nicely. She's having some work done on it. The very light mint green paint in the dining room is beautiful and her accent wall is painted a berry red color that makes it pop when you first enter the house. Just gorgeous. Went to dinner with our other friend and her kids and watched her 12 year old twin boys max their food. Those little boys know they can eat!!!! LOL!!! Then we came back to my house and her kids played with the Wii that I bought myself for Christmas. So far the tennis game is my favorite and no I haven't won a game yet!!!!!!!!

So I had the most amazingly simple but yet incredible Christmas holiday ever!!!

I'm alive, semi healthy (lol) not sick and in the hospital like last year and it feels AWESOME!!!!

I hope everyone had a good holiday and shared it with people you love the most.


  1. I slept.

    A lot.

    Glad you had a great time.

  2. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was wonderful also - there is nothing like family, food, and fun!

    Enjoy this last week of 2009!

  3. Your Christmas sounds fantastic. We had a great time too!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Wow, it was a busy day but glad you had a blast. yeah you are right about amazing what a whole year can do.

  5. God is Good, I am so glad that he has the final say when it comes to our lives. You've come a mighty ways sister girl, may be continue to strengthen and bless you ;)