Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where are they?

I'm in the process of going through my spring and summer clothes and do you know I can not find my cute, cute, cute black sandals from last year. I think I gave them away by mistake when I was donating a bunch of stuff to charity last year.

I'm sooooooooo hurt. I loveded them shoes man!!!!!!!!!!

I have a couple of more places to look. I haven't tackled the closet in the play room and I haven't looked in this one storage bin up in the spare "junk" room.

I hope I find them, along with several other pairs of sandals too now that I'm thinking about it.

*Big ole huge heavy SIGH*


I found them!!!!!!!! Yay me!!!!!!!!

They were in the bin upstairs in the spare room.

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!


  1. I hope you find them. I wear my shoes out, and buy a new pair every year. Check out those sales!

  2. Well have you looked under my bed for your shoes, especially if they are a size 12?

  3. I just saw your video where you mentioned feeling good and going out to buy sandals, lol! I asked you why you were buying more??? Glad you feel good and keep on feeling that way!