Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day after chemo

Chemo #4 is over and done with, Praise Him!!! Only 2 more to go, Praise Him!!!!!!!

I feel like crap on a stick today, Praise Him!!!!!! I could feel like nothing and be dead huh? Still praising Him for everything because he is holding me steady throughout this whole ordeal.

Had some raisin toast and a chocolate Ensure, now I'm on my way back to bed cause the puke monster is trying to get me. UGH!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be better and for that I'm grateful!!!!!!!


  1. I've had crap on a stick and it wasn't so tasty. However, the puke monster told me to tell you that he will try not to bother you.....at least not for today. Smile!

  2. Reading your post brought the song, Praise is What I Do to my mind. May God bless you for blessing me for praising Him in spite of...

  3. Tomorrow will definitely be better!

  4. wow you are very strong and i find it so inspiring!