Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eve of Christmas Eve

It's almost Christmas!!! I bought toooo much stuff not for the doll but for myself!!!! LOL!!! That hardly ever happens but hell I ain't taking nothing back!!!

Got stuff to wrap and right about now I need a nap.

Mom is making gumbo and we will be eating that for a good week, til gumbo is coursing thru our veins!!!!

I am extremely disappointed in Mr. Cupcake Gallery man. Yeah he messed me over big time. Not about his cupcakes but another business related issue. Money can't buy you happiness but it sure does put gas in your car and pay the cell phone bill. Oh well, lesson learned. Cash up front from now on and if it starts off trife, it will end that way as well. Oh but please believe KARMA is messing with him big time right now and it will continue until he does right by me. I will NOT chase him for my money. I called, I texted, he promised to send me my money and 3 weeks later he still didn't follow through. BOY BYE!!!! I'm done!!!

My exercise guru will be leaving for training in another state for 10 weeks and I'm just sick about it. She is a maniac about exercising but I need that and appreciate it too. Cool chica, gonna miss her craziness!!! But she said don't worry I'll still have to report like she is in town. LOL!!!

Cannot believe this year is dunzo!!! 2010 buh bye!!!

2011 C'mon let's get this party started son!!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Make it safe and have a ball!!!!

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