Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's over now!!!!!!!!


  1. Lady you made me cry! To God be the glory, you got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus. Amen!!

  2. Bunny,
    What a wonderful and encouraging post to find on the web. A no holds barred incredibly honest portrayal of your crazy trip. The courage you showed to not only complete the treatment process, but to share your journey with family, loved ones, friends and me is inspirational. Thanks…..

    I started my chemo on Monday September 14th right about the time you finished. Maybe I’m sitting in your favorite chair? I am lucky and grateful at the same time to have found your Blog in one of my many random Google days. I’ll look to it to help me through my program if you don’t mind. I’m hoping to finish around Christmas.

    Three Cheers to your success and to continued good health…..


  3. PRAISE God!! I'm soooo happy I dropped by and saw your video today; it blessed me! I praised God with you. Gloooory! Bunny, please continue taking care of your temple. You are truly a living testimony.

  4. I love you Bunny! Praising God for your victory!

    When I first met you on the web, I shared anytime I could how you had purpose and were goin' places. I still believe it!

    When I think back at your past surgeries, and now this behind you. Girl, you are a survivor. You had better believe it, and God is your number #1 fan!

  5. Bunny Words can not express how happy I am that God brought you through. HE said that if you have faith, HE could move mountains and HE has. God is so good and your testimony serves as a witness. This was so emotional to me. I am glad that this is over for you......

  6. PRAISE GOD!!! What a wonderful testimony. You will continue to be in my prayers.